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What Would I Do With

"1 Million" Downloads? 

First, THANK my Almighty God! And then...

  • Provide scholarships for 100 teen girls to participate in my mentoring & leadership program, Rare Jewel University.
  • Allow me to Adopt-A-Teen (approx. 10 or more per session) that is within the foster care system from age 13 & up and help prepare them for a successful life and departure from foster care by 18 years of age.
  • Assist teen girls and young adult ladies to discover who they "really" are by tapping into their inner power & strength, discovering their "super powers," through a variety of interactive workshops and training by skilled professionals.
  • Create more apps and graphic novels - assist the teens in writing their Rare Jewel story, creating a series that will expose the social-ills teens deal with today and provide solutions on how to get through it.
  • And so much more, such as community service projects, field trips, etc.

Please support me in my quest to get "1 million" downloads. All you have to do is: 

1) Dowload Rare Jewel's digital comic, Apple Application, to your free iTunes program for ONLY 99 CENTS( 

2) Share with & encourage your friends, teens, and family to become 'super-friends' and download Rare Jewel's digital comic!

Email me at to identify yourself as a super-friend.

3) Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

It's that simple!    

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