About Us


In 2005, Kathy Hood founded Marvelous Light Empowerment Association, Inc. and the  Dare To Be Beautiful Annual Weekend Retreat at a time in her life when she felt unwanted, unloved & un-beautiful. Dare to be Beautiful was birthed out of the revelation that God gave to her concerning women and their unique ability to become mighty women. Additionally, she is founder of Daughters of Zion Dance Ministry, Rare Jewel University (a leadership program for young ladies between the ages of 20 – 35),  and Woman University ("Woman U" - a coaching program for women who are ready to uncover what's holding them back, ready to become crystal clear of what they want in life, and ready to take action to achieve their vision.

Marvelous Light Empowerment Association, Inc. was established to provide services and resources to help families empower themselves to successfully live their lives economically, socially and financially.

Although Kathy primarily focuses on women and teens, her true passion is helping all people Discover their God-given gifts.  Her vision is to assist individuals in creating their own beautiful image, embrace their God-given gifts, and enjoy who they are created to be,, as well as create an atmosphere where they can be understood, loved, and spiritually nurtured so that their character and lifestyle consistently align with their purpose.

Kathy Hood resides in Jonesboro, Georgia and is the proud mother of two adult children, Kelli and Nicholas, and two grandchildren.

Be an organization people can come to discover who they are (their motivational gifts), and be empowered, encouraged, and equipped to live victorious lives; teach women to search internally and begin operating in their gifts, talents, and abilities, and help them become mentors that motivate others to overcome life obstacles.

To provide individuals the tools  needed to grow physically and spiritually in self-esteem, finances, family stability, and career.

To encourage God's people to ask so it shall be given, seek so they will find, and knock so the door will be opened to them.