The PROMise Pledge Campaign

The PROMise Pledge campaign is designed to encourage teens to take all possible measures to have a safe, affordable, and memorable prom night.  By signing the PROMise Pledge, teens acknowledge the seriousness of making great decisions in order to have an awesome prom night, from start to finish.

This is a campaign to promote safety activities during prom season, one of the most dangerous times on the road for teens.  Death toll rises for teens during the prom season period from March through June, and multiple families are affected by fatal collisions and accidents causing serious injuries.  Additionally, prom has become the new wedding and spending on the springtime high school dance is climbing.  A higher price tag is the new norm for an increasingly lavish event for which teens and their families are dropping a load of cash on one-of-a-kind dresses and tuxes, limos or party buses, hair, make-up, jewelry, flowers, dinner and dance tickets. According to data from a survey released by Visa, an average of $1,078 is expected to be spent by families with teens, up from $807.

As part of the PROMise Pledge, Marvelous Light Association and South Fulton Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Glam Station.  We provide affordable and professional make-up services for only $25.00 ($100+ value) just for taking the PROMise Pledge.  The fee includes the following:  minimal skin care, a full-glamour look, skin cleansing tips, a glam bag (glam touch-up kit), PROMise card, refreshments, music, and much more!

Take The Pledge

Take the PROMise Pledge

The PROMise Pledge is to
follow your instincts,
ensure your safety and
be aware of your environment
on PROM & Graduation Nights.

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