Rare Jewel University (RJU) is a program designed for females ranging between the ages of 12 – 17,.  RJU is a leadership program is committed to preparing and empowering young ladies for a life of success by providing participants with experiences that will enrich them spiritually and physically, while allowing them to discover and explore their individual gifts and talents. 

RJU's success is noted by its many successes of young ladies who have gone through the program and become successful high school and college graduates, entrepreneurs, and on dynamic career paths. Each participant goes through an application & interview process, six months of power classes, field trips, special events, and graduation ceremony.  

To prepare young ladies for a journey of discovering who they are, recognizing their value, and building their self-esteem using a structured spiritual and practical curriculum consisting of leadership training, personal development, and peer support.
To develop the passion of the next generation of female leaders to be all they can be in life, so they can provide vision, good morale standards, and spiritual guidance to their peers and young ladies that follow them.