3D Woman U

Evolve your inner ambitions to outward reality!

Woman University is a life-changing, motivational coaching
to Empower, to Encourage & to Equip YOU  to prosper!

3D Woman U

Woman University

Woman University by Kathy HoodWoman University (WU) is a “life changing” coaching program for women who are transitioning into the woman they want to and are destined to become.

Our groundbreaking, 3D Woman U program includes Discover U, Design U, and Dare U. This progressive approach to facilitating the transition of women as they step into fulfilling their destiny.

3D Woman U programs offers two sessions each year beginning in the spring and fall. Each session contains 3 unique four week segments that includes Discovering Your Gifts, Designing Your Blueprint, and Daring You to Achieve Greatness.

The 3D program offers proven personality insights, strategic techniques and motivational encouragement combined with coaching, milestones and lots of fellowship. Each phase begins with a Power Luncheon allowing participants to personally connect with others who are also embarking upon the same journey. The majority of the program is done online making it easy to fit your schedule. The journey culminates with a graduation ceremony & awards reception to celebrate YOU!

Now that you’ve Discovered us and we’ve Designed the program, we Dare you to join us!

WU stays connected with our graduates and we have heard the need for more. In fall 2018 we are introducing Develop U - Building Your Blueprint! Now that you have a blueprint for fulfilling your dream, After graduation, we will provide practical instruction on how to achieve your goals and ambitions. Develop U is geared to providing resources you need to build your vision.

Woman University is dedicated to Empower, Encourage, and Equip YOU to Prosper!

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Woman U Activities

Woman U 3D Accelerator
12:00 AM
Experience the Woman University Accelerated coaching and mentoring program in one dynamic, fast-paced, exhilarating weekend.
Discover U Spring Orientation
12:00 PM
This first phase is a tele-class designed to help you discover your natural gifts!
Design U Power Luncheon
12:00 PM
The second phase requires you to dream, to envision, and to aspire. Each week you will be given an assignment as you contour your blueprint.
Dare U Power Luncheon
12:00 PM
You’ve Discovered yourself, you’ve Designed your blueprint, and now we are Daring you to achieve!
Woman U Spring Graduation
8:00 AM

Phase I

Discover U

Learning Your Natural Gifts

This first phase is a tele-class designed to help you discover your natural gifts!

You will receive:

  • Personal Development
  • Self-Reflecting Sessions
  • Motivational Messages

This is the most enlightening phase. It is impossible to reach your full potential in life until you discover who you are as a person. When the layers of your natural gifts are revealed, you become empowered to operate in your strengths and offset any weaknesses.

Phase II

Design U

Creating Your Blueprint

The second phase requires you to dream, to envision, and to aspire. Each week you will be given an assignment as you contour your blueprint.

You will receive:

  • Developmental Training 
  • Goal Setting Exercises
  • Strategy Planning
  • Leadership Training

The most intensive of all phases is done with the safety of your God sisters cheering & mentors coaching you through the process!

Phase III

Dare U

Stepping Into Greatness

You’ve Discovered yourself, you’ve Designed your blueprint, and now we are Daring you to achieve!

We support you to:

  • Create a plan from your blueprint
  • Mentors help to tweak your plan
  • Present your plan in safe place
  • Receive positive reinforcement
  • Celebrate the Victory

This is definitely the most fulfilling of all phases! Entering the ‘Dream Tank’ and presenting your blueprint to a panel of professionals for feedback, critiquing, and comrade buy-in is your first opportunity towards achieving your goals.

4-Day Bootcamp

3D Accelerator

Fast Track Your Vision 

Ladies, clear your schedule and get ready to Accelerate your vision. Most like our traditional 3-month powerful program; however, there are those like you whose schedules work better for a shorter, quicker, and impactful time span. We have skillfully combined Discover U, Design U & Dare U into a 4-day accelerated program. Now you can experience the 3D Woman coaching and mentoring program in one dynamic, fast-paced, exhilarating weekend. Nothing missing! Nothing lacking!

Pre-requisite: You must be proficient in PowerPoint or other presentation creation software to participate. You will be required to answer a basic questionnaire on Microsoft PowerPoint and Word upon registration.

Woman U Programs

Payment Options:   

Payable via credit card @ PayPal or make check payable to: Marvelous Light Empowerment Association. Cancellation requests should be emailed to info@simplymarvelous.org and received prior to the social meet and greet orientation date specified within your emailed registration confirmation. Refunds are available two weeks before program registration only.

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Graduate Testimonials

Joining Woman U caused everything to begin to line up....brought spiritual support, clarity, structure, connections and emotional support. My successful communication coaching business, Clear Communications, was birthed and the rest is history.

Monique Russell Clear Communications

Deciding to join Woman University is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My 'real' passion has been awakened, I'm in a very good place in my life personally, and I've learned to stop blaming others and take responsibility for my life's journey.

LaTonya Sutton

What Woman U did for me is provided structure, stability, comfort, encouragement, and lots of resources and connections. I have more clarity of my vision and confidence in walking out my purpose.

Kelli Adams

I attend Woman U 's Open House right when I resigned from my job. Boy was this divine connection right on time -- I gained confidence in carrying out the idea of my services, which propels me to step out more and do things on my own. I'm moving forward and enjoying the success I'm experiencing today.

Pam Harris